Project Approach:

Our project approach and working method is based on our three core business activity's as desribed in "Profile":

In the project approach only fase 1, the engineering fase, is different. The following fases; two, three and four are the same for every activity mentioned above:

Fase 1: Engineering

Design and construct special purpose machines:

In close collaboration with the client, Machinefabriek Verborg develops innovative special purpose concepts to meet the client's specific automation needs. These concepts are fully worked out and ready to produce. During this developing process Machinefabriek Verborg uses prototyping to test complex partial solutions.

Every Special Purpose Machinery developing process is unique and is customized to the specific assignment. Roughly this process consists of the following phases: 1.Analyzing 2.Concept development 3.Quotation 4.Working out mechanic and electronic parts 5.Producing lay-out drawings 6.Producing compilation and detailed drawings.

Customize universal purpose machines:

In the first place the production process of the customer is analyzed. In unison with the customer the necessary modifications to meet the specific needs are implemented in the universal machine design. If required, machine tools are designed as well.

Of course there is always the possibility to develop a special solution in order to pick, place or transfer products, supplementary to the Universal Machine.

Modificate existing machine designs:

In the first place the machinery of the customer is analyzed. In unison with the customer the necessary modifications and improvements to refurbish the machine or production line are determined.

Parts of the machine are re-designed and prepared for production. In addition to this, a whole new controller-system is applied to the machine according to the latest technology. The controller parts are assembled and the controller programmed.

Fase 2: Manufacturing

Machinefabriek Verborg manufactures a great deal of machine parts in their modern factory. All the plant machine tool operators are skilled in their own respective disciplines. They produce every part with understanding of technical matters and the highest precision. It is also possible to only engage these production skills for the fabrication of complete machines or machine parts if quality and understanding are required.

Fase 3: Assembly and Testing

The spacious assembly hall of Machinefabriek Verborg accommodates multiple machine assembly and testing facilities. The machine is assembled, electronics installed and controls adjusted. The assembled machine is tested thoroughly in cooperation with the client before shipment.

Fase 4: Shipment and Services

If desired the machine can be installed on location. With every machine a manual with operating and maintenance instructions is supplied and if applicable, shipped with additional software and PC connection port.

Machinefabriek Verborg ensures a quality service.

Naturally, the machine complies with CE regulations. Every shipment is made according to the standard conditions of the 'Metaalunie'.

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