Special Riveting Machine Philips:

Special Riveting Machine AXA


The machine consists of a compact rigid frame construction to support the 2 BalTec radial riveting heads. A special mould is placed between the 2 riveting heads to fixate, position and support different parts of the product during the riveting process.


The product this machine is designed for consists of a folding frame construction with 3 wheels. Philips once designed this folding cart to temporarily support a flat tyre in order to reach a tyre service centre.

Special Riveting Machine Philips

3 special purpose riveting machines are used to assemble the entire philips folding cart:

  1. Two parts of the folding frame are riveted in 1 cycle. The difficulty lies in the support on the inside of the frame during riveting.
  2. The 2 rear wheels are 'clicked' into the mould of the second riveting machine and with 1 press on the button the wheels are mounted to the frame.
  3. The front wheel is mounted to the frame by the third riveting machine.

The additional special purpose riveting tools are also designed and manufactured by Verborg Engineering.


l-w-h          		: 1200 x 450 x 1750
Riveting head BalTec	: RNE181 max.Ø 6.0 mm
                 	RNE231 max.Ø 8.5 mm
Throughput 		: Depends on operator
Positioning  		: Self-fixating moulds	
Power input   		: 220/380 Volt 50 Hz
	       		: 5 Bar pneumatic
Weight       		: appr. 250 kg


This machine is used by:

Is radial riveting an option for your assembly processes? Compare radial riveting with other joining technologies like spot welding, screw fastening, clinching and bonding.

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