Helium accumulation tester:

A custom made leaktesting machine for quality checks on a large variation of gas valves.

Helium accumulation tester

Design charging hubs:

A drawing for stainless steel electric charging stations, in co-operation with our sister company Streetplug.

Ontwerp hubs

Robot arm:

A robot arm with gripper is used for assembling and testing products automatically.

Robot arm

Our production facility:

Verborg engineering has a spacious well-equipped factory to produce parts and assemble machinery.

Fabriekshal Verborg engineering

Steel drum lid (de-)stacker

Continuous lid (de-)stacking with ergonomic design.

This lid stacker is specially made for maintaining a continuous workflow on high capacity, while still being approachable by operators at the same time. With it’s safe and smart design, this machine will not interfere with the flow of the production line in which it is placed. This machines comes in 2 versions: Stacking and destacking of tight head tops. It is also customizable for similar products like lids for open head drums.

By using a gantry system, the lids can be taken from the automated conveyors, to the lid stock racks. In this project's case, every rack can hold up to 700 lids. While one of the full racks is being removed by the operator, the machine can safely continue filling up the other racks.

Pictures of stacker:

Lid stacker Lid stacker

Picture of destacker:

Lid destacker

Specifications of this project:

Product type:			: Tight head drum tops
Gen. dimensions (lxwxh)	        : 2500x2500x2450 [mm]
Weight				: 1300 [kg]
Max. noise level	        : 80 [Db]
Air supply			: 5-6 [Bar]
Air Consumption		        : 550 [L/min] at 5 [Bar]

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