Helium accumulation tester:

A custom made leaktesting machine for quality checks on a large variation of gas valves.

Helium accumulation tester

Design charging hubs:

A drawing for stainless steel electric charging stations, in co-operation with our sister company Streetplug.

Ontwerp hubs

Robot arm:

A robot arm with gripper is used for assembling and testing products automatically.

Robot arm

Our production facility:

Verborg engineering has a spacious well-equipped factory to produce parts and assemble machinery.

Fabriekshal Verborg engineering

Guillemin riveting machinery

Since 2022, Verborg Engineering has been a proud distributor for Guillemin in the benelux.

In the past, Verborg Engineering made special purpose riveting machinery and worked together with an importer of BalTec. This period provided a lot of experience and expertise in radial riveting. Over the years we have realised multiple riveting machines and assembly lines for different big customers (e.g. Philips and AXA).

By partnering with Guillemin, Verborg continues to provide sustainable, and customer oriented machinery in the benelux to this day. Guillemin's expertise lies in both Radial and Orbital riveting, it's machinery is divided into these categories:

Radial & orbital riveting machinery.

Guillemin offers a wide range radial and orbital riveting machines. These machines can run on pneumatic and hydraulic drives. Electric drives are also possible, by using servo-drive units. Among other things, they are versatile riveting machines intended for the production of small, medium and large series. Different programs for different parts can be applied and adjusted on the same machine. By using different types of Tooling different rivets can be realised. (Click on the picture for more information)

CNC Riveting Centers.

CNC riveting centers make it possible to automatically perform multiple rivets in one program. By being able to automatically position the riveting head at different locations / heights on the product, production output is greatly increased and operating time is reduced. This also makes it possible to rivet multiple (different) products at the same time. By using controls by Siemens, different programs can be installed and adjusted in the riveting centers. By using different types of Tooling different rivets can be realised. These machines can be customized with special attachments (e.g. automatic output) to furtherly improve specific production processes. (Click on the picture for more information)

Ladders & stepladders assembly lines.

Over the years Guillemin has realised multiple different assembly lines for ladders and stepladders. These lines include expanding and riveting of the steps on the frames. Read more about these machines Here. (Click on the picture for more information)

Rolling machines.

For different rolling crimping / burnishing actions, special riveting heads have been designed. These riveting heads are used on products like solenoid valves or differential crown gears. This range include 5 types of heads which can be selected for different types of burnishing. (Click on the picture for more information)

Special machinery and assembly lines.

Verborg Engineering and Guillemin both have decades of experience with providing special purpose machinery in for automated riveting. This unique combination of riveting and automation expertise provide the ability of delivering an optimized system customized to your specific needs. Solutions that have been used before include vibrating bowls / cobots for automated loading, automatic component assembly, crimping, marking, controls and palletizing of products. (Click on the picture for more information)