Percussion Cap Assembly Machine:

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With this assembly machine Percussion / Blasting caps (metal tubes closed at one end, containing a charge of one or more detonating compounds, designed to detonate from the sparks) are inserted into their sockets.

This fully automatic assembly machine presses Percussion / Blasting caps, the metal tubes, into a socket. The machine consists of six stations and an indexing carrousel with six corresponding positions. In between the different steps of the assembly process several tests are carried out. Percussion / Blasting caps which do not pass the tests will be ejected separately.




l-w-h          	: ca 750 x 750 x 1400 mm
indexing    	: 60° Ø D mm
Controls     	: Siemens 
Capacity    	: 50 products per minute
Power input   	: 220/380 Volt 50 Hz
               	: 5 Bar pneumatic
Weight        	: appr. 350 Kg


This assembly machine is used by:

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