Core Drill Installation:

core_drill core_drill


The Core drill consists of:



From every truck with 'old paper' 6 bales of paper are analyzed. This batch of 6 bales is placed on the conveyer. Within a short period of time the installation gives a reliable test result on the compound of the truck load.

  1. The bale of paper is fixated on the moveable table.
  2. The table moves towards the paper drills.
  3. After drilling two bales, the drills are full.
  4. The samples will be ejected and analyzed automatically.
  5. After repeating this process three times, the installation has screened the total truck load.


l-w-h          	: 2500x1800x2200 mm
Table surface 	: 1500x1500 mm
max. drill depth: 400 mm
max.speed   	: 2 bales per minute
Power input    	: 220/380 Volt 50 Hz
Weight       	: appr. 2550 Kg


This machine is in use by an international paper recycling company.

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